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An Hour or Two Sacred to Sorrow Essay

In the exposition, â€Å"An Hour or Two Sacred to Sorrow,† the essayist, Richard Steele, discloses to the peruser that numerous surprising and deplorable occasions may happen in the course of our life; in any case, those events ought to be thought back upon as opposed to overlooked. He composes from his own encounters of misfortune, however keeps on including the way that it is satisfactory in any event, fulfilling to recall such occasions. The author starts by remembering the day his dad passed on. At a unimportant age of five he realized something wasn't right in light of the fact that nobody would play with him, yet no memory concerning what was genuinely not right in the circumstance. At the point when he says, â€Å"I†¦fell a-beating at the casket and calling Papa†¦Ã¢â‚¬  that announcement alongside, â€Å"†¦ I know not how. I had some slight thought that he was secured up there,† clarifies further that he realized something was unsound about the c ircumstance just not actually what it was. He at that point discusses how his mom covers him out of her own distress, which struck his sense of distress for his mom. He at that point proceeds onward to communicate the way that when we’re more established we acquire memory better than at a more youthful age; moreover, he clarifies that various recollections cause various responses in an individual. For example, when an individual passes away all you wind up recollecting is their demise not the happy recollections they left with you. He at that point explains this point by saying, â€Å"†¦ heroic men.. cut off by the blade move preferably our worship over our pity†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Saying this he calls attention to that when a man from the military bites the dust we are more aware than heartbroken or steamed at the episode. Numerous individuals would incline toward not to recollect the melancholy occasions of their lives, yet rather the upbeat encounters. In continuation he says that the primary excellence he at any point viewed was in a virgin. He portrays her as obliviously enchanting and thoughtlessly exceeding expectations, which lead him to comprehend why passing ought to reserve a privilege to her, yet it despite everything puzzles him why demise likewise appears to be attracted to the modest and quiet. He watches demise become an object of little worth when he states, â€Å"†¦ passing become the pretty trifler.† He portrays the virgins unexpected demise and the anguish he felt subsequent to hearing this news. He at that point welcomes companions who had known her, and they started drinking two jugs of wine each; notwithstanding, he finds that regardless of the amount he drinks it can not eradicate what had happened the prior night. Which gave them even more motivation to remember the effect she had left on their lives. All in all the author remembers past dismalâ experiences that hung out in his memory. From numerous points of view life can be brimming with distress, yet we should figure out how to proceed onward from these occasions in our lives. on to better occasions. He clarifies that numerous surprising and deplorable occasions may happen in the course of our life; notwithstanding, those events ought to be thought back upon instead of overlooked.

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The market entry strategy of international fashion brand Essay

The market passage methodology of universal style brand - Essay Example he reason for protecting the right market section of the architect brand, with the goal that the organization doesn't confront any hazard or misfortune in the wake of propelling the â€Å"Tekbir Giyim† brands. The exploration that is being directed is through polls, through shopping center captures as ladies love to go out for shopping, and exceptionally the expanding Muslim people group in different pieces of Europe is certainly keen on purchasing the fashioner brand which is being plans uniquely for them. In spite of the fact that the items are as yet being offered to individuals yet they are not yet possessed by the first organization â€Å"Tekbir Giyim†, which implies that individuals don't discover the brand under the company’s name, it is sold through the appropriation. The business nowadays are getting bombed effectively on for reasons unknown yet the correct research explains the questions in brains of individuals ready to start business, the activity tha t we would perform for the organization is a similar that is to distinguish the chances and limit the odds of misfortune. The organization is confronting a ton of difficulty at the present time and in this way the examination task is to follow a grouping from the issue definition which is the base for the undertaking to be begun, to the last stage which is report introduction, which would help the organization in taking on further choice, regardless of whether to go for the starting of â€Å"Tekbir Giyim† or not, in the interim the improvement of a way to deal with the issue, explore structure plan that incorporates the convincing exploration, information assortment and its arrangement would likewise be assuming a key job in guaranteeing us about the result. The essential plan to lead this whole research on the architect brand â€Å"Tekbir Giyim† is to recognize the chance of its fruitful propelling in a spot other than it is as of now accessible. Our primary target is to experience all the means in showcasing research process, individually, which would guarantee us whether it would be pertinent for the organization to go for propelling or not. This exploration would not exclusively be

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Introduction For John Locke Essay Topics

Introduction For John Locke Essay TopicsYou should look at a lot of introduction for John Locke essay topics and pick the ones that you think are going to have the most potential to get you into that kind of school. The next step is to find the college or university where you want to be and check into what they have to offer there.Not only will you find essay topics for John Locke, but you will also find a lot of that kind of literature as well. You can pick up a lot of it in the area where you live, for example. It is very likely that there are a lot of popular authors who write books that contain this type of material.You need to understand, though, that these kinds of writings are written with a lot of style and there is more of a literary nature to it. There is also a different style to some of these works.There are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind when you are trying to write an introduction for John Locke essay topics. If you fail to take these into account, then y ou are not going to be able to pull them off well. That is what we are looking for here.You need to be able to find essay topics for John Locke that are interesting and do justice to the author. Also, they need to have some type of literary quality to them.One of the biggest concerns about writing an introduction for John Locke essay topics is that they tend to be too short. You need to make sure that you make them as long as you need to in order to deliver your message correctly.When you are actually writing the paper, though, you want to make sure that you follow a few tips. One of those is to make sure that you use proper grammar. People do take longer to read, after all.Hopefully these tips will help you when you are trying to write an introduction for John Locke essay topics. Of course, the best way to improve on essay topics for John Locke is to actually read the one you are working on and see how it is written.

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Policy Analysis Social Learning And Instrumental Learning

Policy Analysis May (1992) harmonizes with Majone and Wildavsky (1984) on the fact that policy learning is desired for policy debate as analysis. Based on the information provided by Majone and Wildavsky (1984), the process of policy analysis should lead to a more sophisticated comprehension of public policies. Founding on this, public administrators can learn through engaging in the policy analysis and use this information to influence and inform future policies. May (1992) elucidates that there are two forms of policy learning: social learning and instrumental learning. Social learning pertains to lessons regarding the social construction related to policy problems, while instrumental learning is about the viability of the implementation designs or policy instrument (May, 1992). Through the learning process, public administrators can come of theories summarizing the ideas and theories that are important in the policy process. Pralle (2006) concurs with May (1992) by reinforcing the fact that policy principles are guidelines, beliefs, and core values that play a significant role in directing the policy making process. Consequently, the policymakers’ and the public’s emergence and reception of new principles can be an indispensable source of policy change. The policy learning process can provide information about these policy principles. Aside from this, the policy process can lead to the formulation of informed and effective policies. Nonetheless, the contradictoryShow MoreRelatedEvaluation Of The 10 Essential Public Health Services1696 Words   |  7 Pageshow the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) has been able to incorporate the 10 essential public health services in its fight against HIV disease. The paper will discuss the assessment of the HIV disease situation in Chicago neighborhoods; policy development by the Chicago Department of Public Health and the assurance that solutions to priority problems are based on scientific evide nce. Furthermore, the interconnection of the various essential public health service in the prevention andRead MoreUnderstanding Chinese Learners Experiences Of Private Tutoring Essay1591 Words   |  7 PagesAnnotated Bibliography Name: Chentian Xia Student Number: 43755428 Entry one Yung, Kevin Wai, H. (2015). Learning English in the Shadows: Understanding Chinese Learners Experiences of Private Tutoring. TESOL Quarterly: A Journal for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages and of Standard English as a Second Dialect, Vol.49(4), 707-732. 1. In this article, the author questions about in secondary education, what learners have learnt from EPT (Experiences of Private Tutoring). The articleRead MoreSummary Of The Learning Competency Assessment1499 Words   |  6 PagesSUMMARY OF THE LEARNING COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT. After completing the learning assessments for each of the classes I chose to meet National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration’s (NASPAA) five core competencies, I feel as though I have a much more complete vision of what the MPA program is set out to accomplish for me in my academic and professional lives. The various assignments included in this portfolio were included because I feel they best represent my best work in theRead MoreDefinition And Description Of Crime1627 Words   |  7 PagesCriminology is the study of social sciences and criminal behavior, which is what I will be talking about in this essay. The main topic of my essay is homicide, which I will define and describe in the next paragraph. I will talk about the criminology theories that pertain to homicide, and a famous killer that can help the reader better understand what the theories actually mean and how they are seen in society. The last paragraph of this essay will talk about the s ocial controls of criminals and ifRead MoreSyllabus for African Dance910 Words   |  4 Pagesoffers critical analysis of how these dances interact with cultural, social, occupational, and religious aspects that contribute to creating them. Besides critical understanding and performance of these dances, the course equips students with skills to perform the music that accompanies them. Learning outcomes 1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in performing ethnic dances from selected cultures in East Africa. 2. Students will learn and perform vocal and instrumental music that accompaniesRead MoreLink Between Language And Culture1743 Words   |  7 Pagesfirst. The first part of analysis will examine what culture load is carried in the two units. The second part of the analysis will compare the teaching approach shows in textbook and in real classes. The final part of the analysis deal with what features of language are emphasized. Language Teaching Context As Holiday (2005) argues that English is international and the local context is the norm, Chinese cultural and education system influences both English Teaching and learning to a great extent. EducationRead MoreSam Nolan Is The Chief Information Officer For Century Medical1411 Words   |  6 Pagesmonths ago, really loved his job and felt that he was instrumental in bring technological advances to his firm that increased efficiency while bringing future cost savings for the firm. His previous accomplishment includes the creation of a benefits-administration system that is expected to save the company $2M annually. (Daft, 2015, p. 336) Problem One would think that based on his previous success, the suggestion to move toward more social business would be met with anticipation on the part ofRead MoreThe American Nurses Association1130 Words   |  5 PagesIndividual Analysis Paper As a nurse, we serve a society which is very culturally diverse. We provide care to many individuals whom have their own unique set of ethics, values, morals, and beliefs by which may be very different from our own. Because of our professional role, we must use lifelong learning as a tool to broaden our views, increase our knowledge, and understand the influences which affect it. To make this possible, we have to continually educate ourselves about the nursing laws, professionalRead MoreArea of Study Guidelines for Business Management and Economics1351 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Management and Economics Guideline Met Through Communication Skills College Writing (Transcript) Information Management Accounting Information Systems (ESC) Economics Macroeconomics (Transcript) Microeconomics (Transcript) Ethical and Social Responsibility Business Ethics thru Literature (ESC) Quantitative Skills Statistics (ESC) Understanding People in an Organization Context Contemporary Management Leadership (Transcript) Understanding Organizations within Broader Contexts BusinessRead MoreReport on 3 HR activities that support 1196 Words   |  5 Pageshire. Thus the organisation gains the best talents on board be it internally or externally which maximizes the overall growth. â€Å"The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.† - Bill Gates, 1993 Training and Development: Learning and development strategy articulates workforce capabilities, skills or competencies required and how these can be developed, to ensure the run of a successful organization. The HR function helps in developing the mindset and skills to support the

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William Wordsworth And Romanticism - 1043 Words

â€Å"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart,† these are the words of William Wordsworth, an English Romantic Poet that helped pave the way for Romanticism in the early nineteenth century. John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley, also English Romantic Poets, were influenced by Wordsworth’s works. All are known for their many beautiful and revolutionary poems. They allowed influences of life and their surroundings to contribute to their works of art. The challenges of life create a pathway to creative imagination. William Wordsworth was born in Northwest England in 1770. He was orphaned at a young age losing his mother then his father and was sent away to school where he received a good education (Aubrey). While entering adulthood, in†¦show more content†¦During his early school days, he was bullied due to his more pretty rather than handsome looks, because of this he developed a hatred for oppression which lasted a lifetime (O’Connor). The victimization he endured and the social as well as political injustices he observed and read about led him to become a dissident against irresponsible power, recognizing in self-seeking forte and undemanding conformism props to injustice. Having started writing in his teens Shelley first wrote about gothic horror despite his passion to change the world. He commenced in Oxford in early 1810, but was expelled short of a year due to an iconoclasm publication he wrote with Thomas Hogg. It wasn’t until 1813 while living in London that his first important poem was published by Thomas Hookham, during this time he also befriended William Goodwin â€Å"the primary source of Shelley’s egalitarian political thought.† (O’Connor). Shelley traveled a bit more after this moving from place to place exploring different types of writing. Then by 1818 he fell into a transformed wordsworthian form of writing with the poems â€Å"Hymn to intellectual beauty† and â€Å"Mont Blanc.† These two poems suggest a nonanthropomorphic something whose influence is behind all things but can only be known secondarily through one’s own creative intellect. In 1839 â€Å"Peter Bell the Third† was published, a wordsworthian parody by Shelley written in 1819. Having been acquainted with manyShow MoreRelatedWilliam Wordsworth: A study of his poetry and its reflection of Romanticism Who is William Wordsworth? Why is he called a Romantic poet? How does his poetry reflect Romanticism?5604 Words   |  23 PagesWilliam Wordsworths poetry is characteristic of poetry written during the Romantic period. His pantheism and development of ambiance, the thoughts and feelings expressed and the diction Wordsworth employs are all symbolic of this periods poetry. In this paper, these characteristics will be explored and their Romantic propensities exposed. This will be done by utilizing a wide selection of Wordsworths poetry spanning the poets lifetime. His experiences are certainly mirrored in the subjectRead MoreRomanticism : Romanticism And Romanticism1444 Words   |  6 PagesRomanticism was a period time 1750 to 1870 in Europe, Latin America and The United States. Romantic Movement didn’t reach to France until the 1820’s. Romanticism main spirit was against of rule, law and formulas that classicism the different characterized of general in 18th century. Imagination, Subjectivity of approach, freedom, Expression and the idealization of nature will be focused in movement of Romantic Literature. In this period industrial revolution with the social and political norms formRead More Aspects of Romanticism Essay1407 Words   |  6 PagesNature, imagery, and the freedom of thought and expression are key elements of Romanticism as characterized in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, William Wordsworth â€Å"We are Seven,† and Percy Shelley’s â€Å"Mutability.† These literary works of Jane A usten, Percy Shelley, and William Wordsworth focus on emphasizing their feelings and emotions by using their imagination and their love of nature as key tools for helping readers to comprehend their personal experiences. Each of their works reflects situationsRead MoreRomanticism Movement ( 1750-1870 )1223 Words   |  5 PagesName: Dilli Kattel Professor: Donna Hermon English 231-02 11/18/2014 Romanticism Movement (1750-1870) Romanticism was a period time between 1750 to 1870 in Europe, Latin America and The United States. Imagination, Subjectivity of approach, freedom, Expression and the idealization of nature will be focused in movement of Romantic Literature. In this period of time industrial revolution with the social and political norms form as age of enlightenment and against of scientific rationalization ofRead MoreWilliam Wordsworth and his not so Spontaneous Overflow of Powerful Changes in â€Å"I wandered lonely as1600 Words   |  7 PagesWilliam Wordsworth and his not so Spontaneous Overflow of Powerful Changes in â€Å"I wandered lonely as a cloud.† William Wordsworth wrote that â€Å"all good poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity† (Owen, 329). Wordsworth revised â€Å"I wandered lonely as a cloud† after a period of reflection and recollection on the scene of daffodils during a time that placed importance on nature, reflection and imagination. His revised versionRead MoreExploration of Romanticism in Poetry Essay967 Words   |  4 PagesExploration of Romanticism in Poetry The poems I will be describing date back to the Romanticism period of time. The word romanticism originally originates from the Romans. This era started in 1780AD. Previous to this period of time, there was an era of science and fact. This was known as the era of enlightenment. This is the purpose of the romantic era, which still exists today. It was to acquire an escape from the science and realistic way of life. There are manyRead MoreA Meaningful Romantic Period1176 Words   |  5 Pagesdefinition on the page, â€Å"relating to or denoting the artistic and literary movement of romanticism† (â€Å"Romantic†). This definition will be the focal point of this paper, which will discuss the trend of the Romantic period to include its characteristics, historical considerations, and sociopolitical factors. This paper will also analyze a literary example of the period titled â€Å"Lines Written in Early Spring,† by William Wordsworth. The trend of the Romantic period was such that imagination and emotion becameRead MoreWilliam Wordsworth s I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud ``1197 Words   |  5 Pages(Insert teacher name) William Wordsworth Research Paper In 1770 a historic icon was born. His name was William Wordsworth. Wordsworth lived a long and successful life which included his primary occupation as a poet. He did some things with poetry that have never been done before; such as introducing romanticism poetry. His famous poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud helped him become the poet laureate in 1843 which he held until his death (1850). When William Wordsworth starts to age andRead MoreA Slumber Did My Spirit Seal854 Words   |  4 PagesPoet William Wordsworth was born on April 7, 1770, in Cockermouth, Cumberland, England. Wordsworth’s mother died when he was 7, and he was an orphan at 13. Despite these losses, he did well at Hawkshead Grammar School—where he wrote his first poetry—and went on to study at Cambridge University. He did not excel there but managed to graduate in 1791. Born in England in 1770, poet William Wordsworth worked with Samuel Taylor Coleridge on Lyrical Ballads (1798). A s lumber did my spirit seal is a poemRead MoreThe New Idea Of Romanticism1745 Words   |  7 PagesThe quintessential idea in Romanticism is that reason cannot explain everything, and to value imagination and emotion over intellect and reason was a common characteristic. This era was based on a belief that people are naturally good, spontaneity and intensity of feeling are valued, that passion was noble, and political authority and firm conventions needed a revolution. Nostalgia became a topic, desire and will for personal motivation was accentuated, and this era became a profound social and cultural

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`` The Temple Doors `` - 1546 Words

Recognized by many to be one of Rome’s most popular origin myths, one filled with pro-Augustan rhetoric meant to appeal to the Roman emperor of the time, Virgil’s Aeneid provides us with a detailed retelling of the titular protagonist Aeneas’ journey from the desolate ruins of Troy to his triumphant slaying of Turnus. Throughout the epic, Virgil supplements Aeneas’ travels with very vivid, extended scenes from the past and future depicted on different works of narrative art. Called ekphrases, there are three such instances of these drawn out, visually arresting descriptions that tell stories crucial to the events depicted in the Aeneid. By showing these very specific works––namely that of the frescoes on Juno’s temple’s walls in Book I, the temple doors designed by Daedalus in Book VI, and Aeneas’ shield in Book VIII––in incredibly vivid detail, Virgil inserts within the text an underlying story of sorts. Mo re importantly, however, Virgil’s utilization of ekphrases justifies Aeneas’ actions, while emphasizing his transition from bystander to founding hero. Indeed, a reader can pick out the three instances of ekphrases in the epic and construct a story that encompasses the events of the Aeneid. For example, in the beginning Virgil presents to the reader the past: the fall of Troy and Aeneas subsequent exile and journey, providing the reasons for Aeneas’ journey. As the text progresses so does the underlying story. The second instance of ekphrases serves as more of a warningShow MoreRelatedCase Study on Temple Grandin1559 Words   |  7 PagesCase Study on Temple Grandin The movie Temple Grandin is a story of a woman different then most others. She sees the world in away most people cannot and do not understand. The movie shows her struggles and triumphs in childhood, her teenage years, and adult hood. I chose this movie for a couple of reasons first being that I understood this movie is to be about a real persona not just a charter. Second when watching the previews of the movies on the list this one struck a chord with my heart herRead MoreAnalysis of Different Religious Architectural Structures689 Words   |  3 Pageseach structure. Temple of Borobodur in Java Borobodur temple is a Mahayana Buddhist Monument found in Central Java, it is most visited tourist attraction found in Indonesia. The architectural structure is built as a single large stupa taking the form of a step-pyramid having nine platforms whereas the lower six are square, the upper three are circular. The architectural design reflects the influence of India on the region and how they dedicate their faith in the temple. The temple is also associatedRead MoreA Vist to Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple on Clark and Lunt904 Words   |  4 PagesI visited â€Å"Hare Rama Hare Krishna† temple, located on Clark and Lunt, founded by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. A temple is a place of worship for followers of Hinduism. The important aspect of a Hindu temple is that it not only focuses on communal worship but it also serves as the home of God; most temples â€Å"enshrine Vishnu, Shiva, or the Goddess and their encourages.† Although it is not mandatory to visit a temp le, it is considered to be a vital role in the Hindu community. The â€Å"Hare RamaRead MoreThe Development of Religious Archetecture in New Kingdom Essay649 Words   |  3 Pagesthe religious architecture; numerous new temples were constructed while the pre-existing temples were renovated. Individual Pharaohs endeavored to out do their ancestors, not only in the construction of their own mortuary temples, but also in the establishment of worship temples of their deities. Kings of this period abandoned the pyramid complexity of the earlier ages and constructed their tombs in the Valley of the Kings well away from their mortuary temples due to the increase of robbers; thereforeRead MoreReligion Has Been A Source Of Curiosity For Me1454 Words   |  6 PagesGuang Shan Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights, California. Fo Guang Shan is a movement intended to unite the eight sects of Chinese Buddhism, and Hsi Lai is the name of the temple itself. I decided to take a self-guided cassette tour of the temple. Starting at the top of the steps leading from the parking lot at the front of the temple is the Temple’s Gateway. Painted red and gold with a flared roof, the gate introduced the ancient Chinese aesthetic of the temple. Engraved on its pillarsRead MoreTemple Grandin Reflection1080 Words   |  5 PagesTemple Grandin was diagnosed with autism when she was four years old. The doctors told her mother that Temple should be put in an institution because she would likely never learn to talk. Fortunately for her, Mrs. Grandin refused to institutionalize her daughter and decided to do everything within her power to teach Temple how to live a somewhat normal life. I would like to think I would do the same thing if I were put in that situation, but it must have been extremely difficult and at times, somewhatRead MoreMovie Analysis : Temple Grandin932 Words   |  4 Pages Temple Grandin is a film that relies heavily on mise en scene to show audiences the amazing way into which those with autism can see the world and perceive and then solve problems they are faced with on a daily basis. The filmmakers cleverly use mise en scene to help communicate the central theme of the film of being different, not less. It gives viewers a way to relate to Temple, to see and understand what her world is like. They are able to spend the length of the film in her shoes and learnRead MoreThis was my third visit to my site. It was a Sunday and when I got to my site, I experience1500 Words   |  6 Pagessecurity person didn’t stop me or note my car number but he told me to proceed inside the temple. I get to the backside of parking lot of the temple. After looking for a while, I found empty space to park my car. I parked my car and when I got out from my car, I saw so many people from the parking lot were walking toward the temple. I was surprise seeing the parking lot full of cars. As I start walking toward the temple, I saw one old woman look like age of more than 70 was holding her son hand and hardlyRead MoreThe Temple Of Divus Augustus1315 Words   |  6 PagesMarion Miss. Jackson World History 27 October 2015 The Temple of Divus Augustus was a major temple originally built to commemorate the first Roman emperor, Augustus. The temple was built between the Palatine and Capitoline Hills, and behind the Basilica Julia. The temple was built on the site of the house where Augustus inhabited before he entered the public life around the mid-1st century BC. It is known from Roman currency that his temple was originally built to a hexagon style design. The sizeRead MoreThe Hindu Temple Of Atlanta1224 Words   |  5 PagesHindu temple contains a very different religious experience compared to what I ve previously experienced in the past. Perhaps the most obvious difference comes from just how individual it can be compared to a group service for example. While there is a portion of the service that is led by a priest for the vast majority of your stay the experience is really upon you and you alone. While there are traditions to follow it s still a unique experience. During my attendance at the Hin du temple of Atlanta

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Management of Schizophrenia for Interpersonal - myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Management of Schizophreniafor Interpersonal Skills. Answer: Interpersonal skills to be used on Andrew Interpersonal skills refer to the skills that we use when we associate or impart with other people, both in gatherings and separately (Vickers Linde, 2014). In this case, since Andrew is suffering from schizophrenia, the most important skills needed to engage with him will e the listening and communication skills. Communication can be either through non- verbal or verbal communication. Verbal communications requires an individual to slow down when addressing an individual, this is very important as it gives the other person the chance to respond to questions. The other important thing during communication is the listening skills, which is important as it enables one to give appropriate feedback. When dealing with patients with schizophrenia like Andrew, it is important to be mindful and show respect by not showing him a harsh attitude that will make him feel humiliated. When dealing with Andrew, it is important to note that, by being kind, it will enhance the patients recovery process because, proper communication skills will help the patient be attentive and calm, which is important for the mental health. In this case, when engaging with the patient it is imperative for the healthcare provider to consider their emotions and feelings by adjusting the tone and the body language. Similarly, non verbal communication is very important as it involves the actions individuals do subconsciously without them knowing. In most cases, on- verbal communication is what the other people see and derive meaning like the facial expressions, gestures, tone, and the physical positions adopted. It is important to address the non- verbal communication when engaging with Andrew because, just like any other normal person, he can uncover the actual intent, which can impact him either positively or negatively. In addition, when dealing with Andrew, it is important to adopt proper communication skills in order to help explain to him the nature of illness, the cause of symptoms, and the reasons as to why they have/need to take medication (Hutchinson Jackson, 2013). The other important interpersonal skill applicable to Andrew is the listening skills. Just like communication skills, listening skills are equally important as they help in the analysis of the patients problems, which will enable the healthcare provider to address the problems or the symptoms the patient is going through. In this case, it is vital to note that, the key to effective communication is listening. Therefore, when engaging with Andrew, it is important to adopt proper listening skills, which will involve asking questions regarding his condition or symptoms so that important health decisions can be made (Fischer, 2016). Signs and Symptoms of Psychosis Schizophrenia is a mental illness involving a disconnect in the relationship between behavior, thought, and emotions leading to inappropriate feelings and action, withdrawal from personal relationship and reality into delusions and fantasy (Norman, Gibb, Dyer, Prentice, Yelland, Cheng Edwards, 2016). The main symptoms of schizophrenia are delusions, hallucinations, disorganized behavior, and negative symptoms. However, for the purposes of this paper, symptoms of delusions and hallucinations will be discussed. Delusion Delusions are the false thoughts, impressions or beliefs held by the patient regardless of the fact that they are not real or they contradict actual evidence, this affects the patients quality of life as the patient experiences a series of paranoia (Fowler, Freeman Bebbington, 2014). Paranoia delusions is where the patients experiences persecutory delusions by making claims that people are conspiring or plotting against him of which is not the case. For instance, Andrew claims that a transmitter chip has been inserted in his brain so that the person responsible can monitor his thoughts, which in reality is not the case. The patient also claims that electrical supplies are being moved and the light outside being operated in order to interfere with his thoughts. Such actions or claims portray an evidence of paranoia delusions (Phelan McCormack, 2016). Further, Andrew claims that the other students are conspiring with the lecturers so as to get him into trouble. Evidently, such false claims indicate a serious case of paranoia which needs immediate medical attention in order to ease the symptoms. In addition, Andrew is experiencing hallucinations. Hallucinations Hallucinations refer to the false sensory experiences that take place without outside stimuli. This means that, the patient hears and sees things that other people are not seeing or hearing, which is not the case in reality (McEvoy, Freter, Merritt Apperson, 2013). In the case study, Andre claims that he can hear people talking about him and in reality there are no other people in the room. Such symptoms are known as auditory hallucinations where the patient hears voices of non- existing people (Tait, Birshwood Tower, 2015). In addition, Andrew exhibited hallucinations as he gives questionable narrations of people within the institution spying on him. How to Respond to Andrew on the question of Prescription Based on the nature of his condition, proper listening and communication skills aimed at helping him manage the challenge of schizophrenia is vital for the health care provider, therefore, it is my responsibility to explain to the patient on the nature and cause of his mental state, how to manage his symptoms in order to improve his quality of his, and above all the importance of using medication in order to reduce his symptoms. In this case, I will use my verbal communication skills and empathy to explain to Andrew the importance of risperidone 1mg nocte medication in reducing his symptoms and improving his quality of life, which include an improvement in his school performance and his ability to socialize with the other students without paranoia delusion symptoms. Therefore, it is important for me to explain to Andrew the importance of using the medication and also the consequences of not using the medication. In this case, it is important for Andrew to understand that the instruct ions that I am giving him are a reassurance and guidance that will enable him cope with his symptoms as he looks forward towards his healing process. Additionally, Andrew should know that not taking or skipping medication can worsen his condition. For instance, May (2013) explains that, patients who do not use antipsychotic medication as prescribed have an increased risk of relapse as compared to those patients who use the medication as directed by the doctor. According to Olson (2015), one of the major risks of not using the medication properly is the increased potential of assault and many other risky behaviors like suicidal. Therefore, it is importance for Andrew and the caregiver to follow my advice as failure to use the medication can cause a relapse, which can be life threatening to the people around him and even to himself. In addition, it is important to make follow up meetings to encourage and ensure that the patient is using the medication properly. In the meetings, I will assess the progress of his health and encourage him further to use the medication in order to recover fully. The Care Plan to be used As directed by the general practitioner, the patient should be well monitored by establishing an appropriate care plan. In this case, I will address Andrew clearly and directly in a professional way as I explain to him the diagnosis, treatment, and medication of GP. I will also explain to him the care plan that I will use on him so that they do not think or feel that that their consent was not taken into consideration. Second, I will teach the patient on some of the reality based and distraction techniques that will enable him reduce the delusions and hallucinations. I will also monitor the patient for signs and symptoms like confusions or talking to themselves in order to use the correct medication to ease them from such symptoms. Further, I will encourage him to speak to me when he experiences any symptoms like delusions and hallucinations, which might suggest the relapse of the condition. In the case where the patient experiences mild symptoms, it is imperative to offer him with g uidance and counseling where I will explain to them on the importance of sharing their beliefs or perceptions as they are the major contributors of the delusions and hallucinations (Clearly, Hunt Horsfall, 2015). In addition, I will set some time aside to deal with the impaired verbal communication. The ideal ways to achieve this is my interacting with the patient face to face. During this interaction, I will inform the patient how to respond and react in cases where they are no able to comprehend or respond to questions or situations they are not conversant with. When or if the patient shows lack of emotions or interest to important matters, I will model various expressions and feelings to try make him become sensitive to emotions (Randle, 2016). The other care plan that is of importance will be the examination of the mental status in the case where the patient will present severe psychotic symptoms, which might relate to bizarre behavior, verbal or physical aggression, labile depression or mood, kill thoughts, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, anxiety, impaired attention, and poor insight. By examining the mental status of the patient for the above symptoms, I will be in a better position to plan for the medical treatment to ease the patient from the symptoms. Therefore, in Andrews care plan, I will ensure that friends and family accompany him to the facility and I will ensure all his basic needs like eating and hygiene are met. References Fischer, S. A. (2016). Diagnosing and treating mental disorders: a concept analysis. 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